Perspex: The Glass Alternative

An increasing number of customers are looking to install Perspex sheets on their security screen doors and windows for extra protection. Luckily, Golden West Security manufacture and install Perspex sheets as an insulation and protection method. We customise sheets for every preference and architectural style, but why is it that more and more people are looking to Perspex as an alternative to glass? We answer all your questions below.

What are the benefits of Perspex sheeting?

Perspex sheeting is resilient and highly effective at withstanding impact or any sort of rough handling. This is vitally important when using Perspex for home protection, as it means your security windows and doors will not break should intruders be trying to cause impact. On top of this, it is UV-resistant and it will always remain in good condition, which is important as they are often visible components of your exterior.

Another significant benefit of Perspex sheeting is that it is eco-friendly. It is made from artificial materials, meaning it can be recycled or reused and, therefore, little to no harm is being caused to the environment. Perspex screens are versatile, meaning they suit all style and décor requirements and can be used all around the home.

Is Perspex a suitable alternative to glass? How does it compare?

Perspex has a number of features that can make it a viable alternative to glass. While Perspex is versatile and can be cut or sawn to suit a number of style requirements, glass does not share this versatility. On top of this, glass doesn’t offer UV protection whereas Perspex does, which is another reason it can be an appropriate alternative.

In terms of safety, glass is far more susceptible to damage after impact. For those who prioritise the safety of their home or property, Perspex is generally the better option. Perspex will not crack whereas glass can crack easily, and this is important to consider for the appearance of your home. Perspex can be cleaned to remove blemishes, but glass often needs replacing when blemishes appear.

What’s better for me?

It is important to note that glass and Perspex are better suited for different applications. However, when it comes to home security, Perspex is the better choice due to the impact that it can withstand. The purpose of security windows and screens is to protect your home and Perspex certainly does this. While glass is at times cheaper, it does not offer this same level of protection.

Perspex’s versatility and strength make it the perfect option for your home security. Golden West Security are industry leaders for security screens in Perth and should be your first point of contact for all Perspex needs. We offer obligation free quotes and advice and are one of the most trusted, reputable security companies in Perth, so don’t delay your safety any longer, contact us today!

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