The Golden West Workshop

A core reason why we, at Golden West Security are considered leaders in the security industry is our onsite workshops. These workshops are fully equipped with the latest technologies, manufacturing processes and a team of experienced designers and technicians. They produce and customise our superior safety products, including security doors and screens. Below, we answer the frequently asked questions about our workshops.

How is an onsite workshop beneficial for customers?

Golden West’s onsite workshops mean quicker turnaround time for customers. By customising or producing our huge range of products onsite. Customers don’t have to wait for it to be manufactured and imported from elsewhere. We pass these savings onto our customers.

On top of this, our experienced team uses the latest tools and has knowledge of the security industry. They keep up to date with industry codes & latest practices, meaning the quality and legitimacy of our products is always guaranteed.

All testing on Gold West Security materials is done prior with Invisiguard, much before the final product manufacturing commences at the GWS workshop. This includes a knife shear, impact, lock and hinge lever test, fire attenuation, swimming pool safety and neutral salt spray. This thorough testing ensures that, unlike other products on the market, Golden West products meet the requirements of the Australian standards.

Why Invisiguard?

Golden West is a licensed dealer for Invisiguard, as they are a trusted, knowledgeable and experienced company in home security and provide us with trusted products, which we then manufacture at our workshop. Like us at Golden West, Invisiguard is committed to the safety of customers & produce security products that are superior to their competitors. Whether it is door security or window security. Invisiguard’s commitment to safety is the reason we manufacture their products in our workshops.

We manufacture security doors and screens that meet and surpass the requirements of Australian standards. It is clear that this has a range of benefits for our customers. Not only are turnaround times faster, but the costs we save are also passed onto you. Our partnership with Invisiguard, who tests products before we complete the manufacturing, means that your safety can be assured. As industry leaders in security doors in Perth, as well as the range of security products we produce on top of that, Golden West Security should be your first point of contact for all things home security.

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Dwayne Van Den Ancker

Owner Dwayne Van Den Ancker has operated the business for more than 15 years and has more than 25 years of industry experience. Dwayne has built a team that not only have excellent product knowledge that are able to help their customers find the right security solutions, but customers can also feel safe in the knowledge that all of their installers are licenced by the WA Police Commercial Agents Squad.
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