Stylish and Safe

Stylish and Safe

Picture this: it’s a hot night and your air conditioner is on the brink of giving up. You want to open the front door to let some fresh air in, but would rather not invite the hoards of mosquitoes and flies in as well, plus, leaving your front door wide open probably isn’t the safest way to cool the house down. All of these issues can be easily solved with a security screen door. With the mantra that safety doesn’t have to be ugly, we’re in the business of ensuring your family, home, and your office are protected, while still looking great!

The benefits of having security doors installed by a reputable supplier are aplenty! From maintaining privacy to inserting extra natural light into your space, once you have a security door in your Perth residence you’ll be wondering how you survived without one for so long.

Keep your home insect free

We all know that during the summer months, insects and household pests tend to run rampant. With a security screen, you can ensure these critters stay where they belong – outside!

Increase safety

Our security doors are made from sturdy materials that are specifically designed to stop unwanted access and entry into your home. This means you will have extra peace of mind when you open your front door, as there will be an extra barrier of protection standing between you and any strangers that may ring your doorbell.

Maintain privacy

Not only will your security screen keep out bugs and uninvited guests, it will also help keep the entrance to your home private. The traditional black mesh construction will make it difficult for anyone outside to see in, but you’ll still be able to see out.

Improved airflow

Thanks to their perforated mesh finish, security screens add an extra safety barrier without blocking the flow of air. This extra air circulation and ventilation will ensure your home has a regular supply of fresh air, which is good for both your health and the health of your home, as stale air in an enclosed space can become a breeding ground for bacteria and airborne contaminants.

Inject some natural light

Introducing extra natural light into your home without the hassle of installing extra windows has never been easier! The somewhat sheer finish of your new security doors will ensure more natural light can enter your home. This will not only enhance the ambience in your space, it will also help to reduce your energy costs, as you won’t need to have the lights on as often.

Increase your home’s aesthetic appeal

Many people fall into the trap of thinking security screen, while functional, are not particularly stylish. Well, thanks to decorative features, different colour options, and quality materials, you can custom-design your screen to match the overall style of your home and business, making it a modern addition to your property.

There’s no doubt that installing a security screen door in your home or workplace is a smart investment, so to learn more about your options contact us today!

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Dwayne Van Den Ancker

Owner Dwayne Van Den Ancker has operated the business for more than 15 years and has more than 25 years of industry experience. Dwayne has built a team that not only have excellent product knowledge that are able to help their customers find the right security solutions, but customers can also feel safe in the knowledge that all of their installers are licenced by the WA Police Commercial Agents Squad.
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