Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe

Quality security screen doors can be the best way at keeping your loved ones safe, and intruders out.

A home is a place for people and pets, great and small to feel safe. But children and the elderly, not to mention dogs and cats, can’t always fend for themselves or protect themselves in the case of a home invasion. This is where door security comes in; at Golden West Security Perth we provide door security solutions for every home and every kind of resident.

keeping your loved ones safeSecurity Doors to Keep the Family Safe and Protected

The thought of a child coming into contact with a home intruder, or getting outside when you turn your back for a second is a parent’s worst nightmare. Protective measures like security windows and security doors cannot only halt an attempted break-in. They can also make it impossible for climbing kids to accidentally fall out a window…or for energy-packed little ones from getting outside when they shouldn’t! At Golden West Security, we can install security screen doors and windows that are customised for your home. These can be fitted to any kind of frame. Rigorously tested and manufactured according to Australia’s stringent safety and security standards.

If you have an elderly parent or parents who lives with you or alone, having durable home door security can give you more peace of mind about their safety. Elderly individuals may be just as likely to open the door to strangers as children are, This can, unfortunately, make an easy target if they are frail or experiencing cognitive decline; this is where a security screen door offers more protection, providing a second break-in barrier.

Don’t Forget the Doggy Doors to Keep Your Pets Safe!

Let’s not forget about the safety of your pets. Prone to escaping the family home and getting hurt or going missing in the process. This is where the security doggy doors from Golden West Security Perth can be a saviour; our premium, secure pet doors can be locked and unlocked at your discretion. This will allow your pets to enter the garden from inside only when you allow it. We provide customised doggy doors suitable for doors made with everything from wood and glass to security doors, and for furry friends of all sizes and shapes – be it a Chihuahua or a German Shepard! A securely locked doggy door also serves as an extra home safety measure, as an unlocked pet door provides easier entry by an intruder.

All members of your family – furry friends included – should feel safe and protected at home. You should be able to have peace of mind about their safety. With the range of security door options available from Golden West Security for houses across Perth’s metropolitan area. You can rest assured that your loved ones are inside, keeping your loved ones safe and secure

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Dwayne Van Den Ancker

Owner Dwayne Van Den Ancker has operated the business for more than 15 years and has more than 25 years of industry experience. Dwayne has built a team that not only have excellent product knowledge that are able to help their customers find the right security solutions, but customers can also feel safe in the knowledge that all of their installers are licenced by the WA Police Commercial Agents Squad.
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