Learn How to Fortify Your Home

It would be nice to leave the house unlocked without a worry like we used to, but unfortunately not everyone plays by the rules these days. Let’s stay ahead of the times by making sure that your homes as secure as possible. From security windows to security screen doors, here’s how to keep intruders out.

At Perth’s Golden West Security we are big believers in eight basic rules of home security:

  • Buy a security system

What you purchase will depend on factors like your suburb’s safety, but we suggest security windows and security screen doors as a good starting point.

  • Use the security system signage

These alone can deter burglars from entering.

  • Get to know your neighbours

A watchful eye from a trusted neighbour who’s familiar with the area can give you peace of mind while you’re out for the day or away on holidays, so if your interactions with the neighbours involve nothing more than a wave hello, it’s time to go introduce yourself!

  • Run a mock burglary

Once you’re on a first-name basis, why not ask the same neighbour for a second opinion on the safety of your home, and then return the favour? They may notice red flags that hadn’t occurred to you and that need addressing, be it transparent curtains or valuables like laptops and jewellery that have been left out.

  • Let there be light

Front and back garden lights, and lights by verandahs or balconies are an extra security measure at night. Lights with motion sensors are best, putting intruders in the spotlight and (hopefully!) scaring them off.

  • Seek security resources

Stick the contact details of the local police and neighbourhood watch service on your fridge and add them to your mobile phone contacts in case of an emergency.

  • Remove any hiding places

Bushes, shrubs and large pot plants may look pretty, but they double as hiding spots for intruders. Smaller flowers are a better option, and it’s worth keeping trees or plants by your home well trimmed.

  • Be prepared

Unfortunately, having a security system doesn’t always deter intruders, so it’s important to have a plan in case of a break-in. Make sure the kids know where to find the phone numbers of security resources, and why not establish a few security rules as a family? Address things like opening the door to strangers, and locking the doors and windows every time you leave and enter…security screen doors don’t lock themselves!

Security Screen Doors Are a Must

Although it seems a little too conspicuous, the front door is a common point of entrance for burglars; regardless, all doors to your home should have security screen doors installed…and whether you’re ducking out for an hour or going away for the weekend, always lock the doors and secure the windows! The same applies even when you’re at home. At Golden West Security, we install security screens and locks that are rigorously tested and built to adhere to Australia’s stringent safety and security standards.

Locks Aren’t the Only Form of Door Security

At the end of the day though, having locks as the only form of home security isn’t enough. If you want to make your home as secure as it can be, you’ll want to look at a more extensive security system, with everything from security screens to roller shutters and even secure doggie doors.

Despite all the great precautions that you can take to keep your home safe, you can’t beat the strength and durability of security doors and windows – purpose-built by us in Perth’s southern suburbs to keep people out, and you and your loved ones safe. Give us a call today.

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Dwayne Van Den Ancker

Owner Dwayne Van Den Ancker has operated the business for more than 15 years and has more than 25 years of industry experience. Dwayne has built a team that not only have excellent product knowledge that are able to help their customers find the right security solutions, but customers can also feel safe in the knowledge that all of their installers are licenced by the WA Police Commercial Agents Squad.
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